To sell and install eligible home battery systems through the Home Battery Scheme, businesses are required to first qualify as a System Provider.

Businesses that would like to apply need to complete an application process, managed by Australian peer-to-peer lender, Plenti.

Only reputable providers capable of safely installing eligible systems, acting as the single point of contact for an all-in-one solution (for an all-inclusive price) will be qualified.

To qualify, System Providers will need to demonstrate:

  • financial health, reputation and competency, and
  • an office located in SA with employees that are SA residents, and
  • they use only CEC accredited installers with battery storage endorsement, and
  • CEC Approved Solar Retailer status, or
  • commitment to an acceptable equivalent Code of Conduct that has been authorised by ACCC.

The assessment criteria and terms and conditions for qualified System Providers can be downloaded below:

Businesses considering applying to become qualified System Providers must check the occupational licensing requirements to carry out or organise electrical and/or building work (for example, if undertaking building work associated with installing rooftop solar PV). Consumer and Business Services provides information regarding the occupational licensing requirements relating to carrying out or organising rooftop solar and battery storage installation.

Businesses should contact Consumer and Business Services on 131 882 if they require further guidance.

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The System Provider qualification process has been designed to provide customers with quality assurance over the products, suppliers and installers included within the Scheme.

System Providers must also apply to have an ‘Eligible System’ approved. The Equipment Eligibility Criteria for approving battery systems can be downloaded below:

To encourage local industry participation, businesses will be required to specify the extent to which their products and services contribute to the South Australian economy. They must do this by registering their business on the SA Product Register.

In assessing applications, priority will be given to System Providers that commit to installing approved battery systems that are manufactured or assembled in South Australia.

Note: Until businesses are qualified as System Providers they cannot provide any assurances to customers about their ability to provide a battery eligible for the subsidy. Businesses who deliberately mislead customers or seek to obtain deposits for batteries before they are accredited may have their System Provider application refused.

For more information call 1300 396 078.

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What products are eligible for a subsidy?

Minimum technical specifications have been developed to ensure the batteries are safe, reliable and capable of being recruited into a virtual power plant (VPP).

Battery systems that are eligible under the Scheme will be required to be VPP capable and are likely to include a number of components:

  • battery module(s)
  • battery inverter
  • hybrid inverter
  • current sensor
  • smart controller / meter

A ‘VPP capable’ system:

  • includes communications and control functions that extend beyond basic battery system functions, and may include additional components
  • need not be connected or registered in an existing VPP, but will be capable of registering to a VPP (now or in the future) with minimal or no additional hardware
  • once registered to a VPP, will be able to respond to remote commands, allowing the battery to be deployed as part of a coordinated fleet of residential storage systems that can earn money by providing energy and grid services.

Key eligibility requirements of battery systems under the scheme include:

  • the system must be designed and installed by a CEC-accredited designer/installer (including battery endorsement), making use of CEC battery install guidelines for accredited installers (industry best practice)
  • the installed system must have a minimum 5-year warranty wrap including workmanship, with the battery component having a warranty for a minimum of 7 years (under daily cycling application)
  • the system will be VPP-capable, meeting defined requirements for communications and remote control and readily able to be deployed in a future VPP
  • System Providers must seek approval for the battery systems they wish to install.

The Equipment Eligibility Criteria for approving battery systems can be downloaded below:

More information

If you have a question about the application process to become a qualified System Provider or Equipment Eligibility Criteria please contact Plenti on 1300 396 078.

Industry Information Forum

An Industry Information Forum was held by the Department for Energy and Mining on 28 September 2018 for businesses interested in becoming qualified System Providers. The forum has been edited into six parts for ease of viewing. Part one through to six is available for viewing via links below.

Videos of forum presentations

Video of presentation

Presented by

Overview and objectives

Sam Crafter
Executive Director, Energy Implementation, Department for Energy and Mining

Equipment eligibility criteria

Ben McGarry
Future Energy, Aurecon

Plenti - Qualification, eligibility and finance

Andrew Jones
Head of Commercial Development, Plenti

Solar Retailer Code of Conduct

Udhara Weerasinghe
Product Program Specialist, Clean Energy Council

Overview of the Industry Advocate

Ian Nightingale
Office of the Industry Advocate

Home Battery Scheme Industry Information Forum - Panel session

Andrew Jones, Head of Commercial Development, Plenti
Ben McGarry, Future Energy, Aurecon
Sam Crafter, Executive Director, Energy Implementation, Department for Energy and Mining
Ian Nightingale, Office of the Industry Advocate
Bryn Williams, Future Network Strategy Manager, SA Power Networks
Udhara Weerasinghe, Product Program Specialist, Clean Energy Council

A copy of the Industry Information Forum presentation is available for download:

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