The sun is the brightest entity in our solar system.

But the brightest place on earth is right here in South Australia.

Because we lead the world in home batteries.

About the scheme

Thanks to the Home Battery Scheme and other government-supported programs, there are now over 27,000 batteries installed or approved for installation at homes across South Australia.

According to industry analysts, 29 per cent of all home batteries installed in Australia in 2020 were installed at South Australian homes - leading all states and territories.

Since the launch of the Home Battery Scheme in October 2018, the average price of a battery system purchased through the Scheme has decreased by thousands of dollars.

The Scheme has also paved the way for a number of virtual power plants to enter the market, providing extra value to home battery owners in return for trading their renewable energy in the National Electricity Market.

More than 9,100 home batteries in South Australia are enrolled in virtual power plants with their owners benefiting from incentives like upfront discounts, lease-to-own plans, reward payments, low electricity tariffs, and bill credits.

This all adds up to South Australia being a world leader in home batteries.

Join the thousands of households that are already storing the suns’ renewable energy, reducing emissions, and making power more affordable.

Right here in SA – the brightest place on earth.

See what you could save

A South Australian skyline at night, lit up by beams of light from home battery systems at homes across the state

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