Already got a quote from a qualified System Provider?
Apply for a Home Battery Scheme subsidy using your quote record.

For every quote you obtain from a System Provider, a ‘Quote Record’ should be generated in the Plenti system, ready for you to apply for the subsidy should you accept their quote.

The System Provider may generate the Quote Record while they are with you during a home visit. Otherwise, you’ll receive an email notification to view and approve your Quote Record online at a later date.

Once you have a quote you are happy with, applying for your subsidy and having your battery installed is easy.

Step 1. Apply for your subsidy

You can start the subsidy application process for your chosen System Provider quote:

  • Online. Use the link in your Quote Record email notification to be directed straight to the online application form on Plenti’s website. Subject to credit approval, you will be able to apply for finance online at the same time.
  • By phone. Call Plenti on 1300 396 078 and have them guide you through your application over the phone.

If you have received multiple System Provider quotes, you may have also received multiple Quote Record numbers. Make sure your subsidy application uses the Quote Record number connected to the System Provider quote you want to accept.

Lost your quote record number? click here to retrieve it.

Step 2. Arrange an installation date

Once you have received conditional approval of your subsidy application, your chosen System Provider will be notified and will contact you to arrange the next steps. This will include arranging a date and time for your installation, and the payment of your deposit (if any).

Step 3. Confirm your installation

At the time of installation your System Provider will ask you to confirm you are satisfied with the installation. This is an important part of the Home Battery Scheme process, to ensure you are happy and agree that the System Provider has delivered on their promises.

Only after you are satisfied with the installation will Plenti release the subsidy and finance, where applicable, to your chosen System Provider.

Before you confirm you are satisfied with the installation, make sure that your System Provider has:

  • completed every part of the installation to your satisfaction.
  • provided you with a copy of the electronic Certificate of Compliance (eCoC) for your system. More information about eCoCs can be found here.
  • shown you and left you with instructions on how to operate your battery and any new solar.
  • explained when and how you can safely turn your system on if they have not already turned it on for you.

In some cases your System Provider may have installed your battery and any new solar, but not have turned it on. This can happen when the System Provider is waiting for your electricity retailer to change your electricity meter to make sure it supports your battery, and is a normal part of many installations. As long as your System Provider has explained how you can confirm when your battery and any new solar can be turned on, and what you will need to do to turn it on safely, this should not stop you confirming you are satisfied with the installation.

If you have further questions about the subsidy application process or how to apply for finance, call Plenti - the administrator of the Government’s Home Battery Scheme - on 1300 396 078.

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