A woman holding a green coffee cup whilst standing on the front porch of her home battery powered house in South Australia.

With large subsidies on the cost of a battery and low interest finance available if needed, there has never been a better time to invest in solar and a battery for your home.

South Australia’s Home Battery Scheme means cleaner, more affordable, reliable power for every household that purchases a system. In addition, the installation of these systems will reduce demand on the network (especially during peak periods) and in turn, lower energy prices for all South Australians.

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Is a battery right for me?

If you already have solar or are thinking about making the switch, adding a battery system could help you get the most out of your solar system. Different systems suit different needs so it’s important to talk to a qualified System Provider when doing your research. As with any significant purchase, we recommend talking to more than one System Provider and obtaining multiple quotes.

How much will I save?

How much you could save on your energy bills depends on a number of factors including the output of your solar system and capacity of the battery, as well as the amount of energy your household uses and what time of day you use energy the most. A qualified System Provider can help you calculate your potential savings as part of their analysis. Use the Home Battery Scheme calculator as a starting point in talking to a qualified System Provider.

Can I afford it?

It’s important for all households to consider whether the savings they expect to see on their energy bills cover the cost of the purchase of the battery, over the life of the battery. System Providers can provide you with an idea of your anticipated savings. To get an idea of how much a battery system can cost, download the HBS System Price Guide.

“I did the cost analysis. It was going to take six years to get our money back, and with that in mind I thought it was the way to go. It’s about getting our electricity bills down.”
~ John

"The first bill put a smile on my face"

Finance broker Ray and partner Sonja paid $9,000 for a 10kWh battery for their four bedroom home so that they wouldn’t have to face huge electricity bills in their 70’s and 80’s.

Ray says the home battery subsidy made it an affordable proposition.

"Without the battery, in 15 years’ time when I’m 80 and electricity prices have gone up, I wouldn’t know if I could afford bills of $650 or more. I might be looking at the bill and saying ‘I can’t afford this electricity’. The first full-quarter electricity bill since installing the battery put a smile on my face. Seeing the bill in black and white was important. When I saw the 2 cent credit, I thought - I’m not going to spend any money this quarter."

Ray believes he will break even on the cost of the battery in five to six years and is happy it’s added value to his house.

"The battery has a 10-year warranty and 20-year lifespan and although I may not be living here by then it makes my house a really saleable product."



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